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Madrid has been selected - among all the finalists bidding cities (Stockholm, Cannes and Madrid) - to host the 31st Global IGLTA Convention (International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association) - www.iglta.org

We are witnessing a historical fact, as it will be the first time that such an event will take place in our country.

“We’re thrilled to be returning to Europe for our 2014 convention, especially to the beautiful city of Madrid,”  said IGLTA Board Chair Tanya Churchmuch. “Not only is Madridhome to one of the most important Pride events in the world, but it also has an extremely active local LGBT community that worked hand in hand with local tourism offices to create their wonderful conference bid.”

IGLTA is the world's leading LGBT association related to tourism and business.

IGLTA is the ONLY LGBT association that belongs to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The formal accession act took place during the first edition of Madrid's FITUR LGBT last January 2011.

The UNWTO and IGLTA will present inFITUR LGBT 2012 a joint study on "The influence of tourism on social developments and vice versa".

Madrid's Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce- DIVERSMAD (MGLCC) - presented the bid through one of its associates, DiversityConsulting.es, strongly supported at the institutional level by Turespaña, the Region of Madrid and the Madrid City Council.

Diversity Consulting.es presented Madrid's candidacy by video conference last Friday October14th to the IGLTA board during their the annual meeting in Florianopolis (Brazil).

After several hours of deliberation Madrid was selected as the host city for the event.

Diversity Consulting.es will be responsible for the programming, coordination and management of the events that will be developed in cooperation with administrations, associations, NPO's and businesses from now until May 2014.

Juan Pedro Tudela, states that "the meaning for the Gay segment will be of great relevance, because the great interest of the conferences and seminars, the high profile of the guests, the media coverage, the level of the participating companies as well as the solid institutional support will contribute to the LGBT normalization. The history of 30 previous editions endorse this convention."

Additionally, the Secretary General of Domestic Trade and Tourism andChairman of Turespaña, Joan Mesquida, stressed the importance for the tourism industry of celebrating the convention in Spain and more specifically in Madrid, the capital. "Spain is a unique country as it counts with six consolidated LGBT destinations: Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza, Sitges, Gran Canaria and Torremolinos.  The LGBT segment has an important specific weight in the tourism industry, accounting for 10% of all tourists Spain receives" said Mesquida (www.spain.info)

Madrid has always been a lively modern city and its people stand out for their strong support to diversity.

The Deputy Mayor of Madrid and Councilor of the Department of Economy, Employment and Citizen Participation and Chair of Promoción Madrid (Madrid Visitors and Convention Bureau) , Miguel Ángel Villanueva stated that it is a true honor for the City of Madrid to host this event, that for the first time will take place in Spain. "This convention, undoubtedly, will help consolidate Madrid among the top destinations in the world for the LGBT segment" said Villanueva (www.esmadrid.es)

For years, Madrid has been - and still is - the example cities around the world look up to in order to achieve a high level of normalization.

The General Director of Tourism of the Region of Madrid,Ángeles Alarcó, said at the news of Madrid's selection as the host city for the 2014 IGLTA Convention: “The Community of Madrid has always stood out by the diversity of its people and for being a melting pot of cultures and lifestyles.The region has a wide offering that will certainly not disappoint expectations. Delegates will feel like home by the friendliness of the locals. The Region has world-class infrastructures and features that will make those who visit us discover its many attractions: a hotel offer second to none, a wide cultural diversity and a variety of shops and restaurants that will undoubtedly make it a reference destination. We are delighted to be the hosts to the 2014 IGLTA Convention." (www.turismomadrid.es)

Tudela explains that before and after the Convention, Spain will also be visited by many delegates who will discover the reason for one of Tourspain's promotions of our country "SMILE, YOU ARE IN SPAIN".  This initiative has its reason for being in the joy that our destinations convey and the high level of LGBT social integration Spain enjoys.

He also stressed the contribution of the support of AEGAL and of the Spanish National LGBT Chamber of Commerce, DIVERSPAIN (SGLCC) to this success.

All the main Spanish LGBT NPO's supported this initiative, including FEGLTB, COGAM, the "Triángulo" Foundation, the Arcópoli Association, "Apoyo Positivo" (HELP), the LGBT Support Program of the Region of  Madrid, the "26th of December" Foundation, etc.

Major business groups and hotel chains are collaborating in the organization of the 2014 IGLTA Convention highlighting the airline IBERIA, and the Spanish reference Business School - IE Business School (Instituto de Empresa).

The profile of the attendees and speakers will be opinion prescribers, LGBT media, Tour Operators, leading entrepreneurs as well as corporate, association and NPO's managers.

The Convention will serve as a platform for the LGBT segment to communicate and provide information on its achievements, aspirations and needs to media, society, corporations of all possible industries as well as all kinds of administrations and institutions. It will help the reaffirmation of LGBT normalization.

The participating Institutions (Tourspain, the Region of Madrid and the Madrid City Council) issued a joint press release - with quotes of their highest level representatives - welcoming the election of Madrid as the host city for the "2014 IGLTA CONVENTION."

Any business, media, organization and association is welcome to participate in the 2014 Madrid IGLTA Convention.

For more information please contact Diversity Consulting.es on info@neweraconsulting.es or by phone on + 34 91 172 40 99 *





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