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He began the summer with the first chapters of Sin tetas no hay paraíso, in which he plays the role of Iván Sierra, a naive millionaire footballer victim of his agent; and in August he filmed Paquirri, a miniseries that tonight Telecinco offers the denouement and that has brought this young actor from Granada to the forefront of current affairs.

-Yes, both the historical bullfighter and Ivan, the fictional footballer, are two constant people. They look for success from the first step and not through the fast track, as it happens with other characters of Sin tetas no hay paraíso. It is a day-to-day struggle, which is one of the keys to Paquirri.

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Now I will return to the capital for a while, pending projects and new jobs, but when everything stabilizes, my idea is to be between Madrid and Granada. The quality of life that we have here is incomparable, and here are my people, my friends, my mother…

The applause, at first, had a meaning, the medics were on the front line, fighting to save lives and they were considered heroes. Now I think that what they needed more than applause were adequate resources and means. They still need them and it is very important not to lie, you have to tell it like it is.

In a documentary they talked about something very important, that as long as the virus cannot be defeated, we have to know how to live with it. We must understand that putting an end to the virus is also our responsibility, everyone’s, to be aware of the dangers, to be careful, to do things right to minimize the risk of contagion as much as possible.

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We have to change certain habits, shaking hands with people, hugging my friends and family, is something I love to do, but now we cannot do it and we have to be aware of it. We have to think that keeping our distance is giving a hug to society as a whole, so it is very important that everyone, young and old, is aware that this is like a war, and everyone has to be responsible for their actions.

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In 2016, Velázquez starred in the series ‘Buscando el norte’, which only had one season and rubbed shoulders with others such as Belén Cuesta and Jorge Bosch. Velázquez has also continued his career in television through the series ‘Traición’, premiered at the end of 2017 and which featured the well-known Ana Belén as the main character. In November 2017, Velázquez announced the start of a sentimental relationship with journalist Marta González. At the end of 2017, the second season of the series ‘Las chicas del cable’ was also released, in which he also participates, having a love encounter with one of the characters of the series.

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His greatest successes would come for Mediaset, where he made some sporadic appearances in series such as ‘Aida’, ‘Cuenta atrás’ and ‘La que se avecina’. In 2009 he increased his popularity by starring in the biographical miniseries ‘Paquirri’ as the bullfighter of the same name and, above all, by consolidating as a regular character in ‘Sin tetas no hay paraíso’. After that he participates in the series ‘¡A ver si llego!’ and in the miniseries ‘Alakrana’, before landing in 2010 in another successful project, the series ‘Tierra de lobos’, where he stayed for its three seasons.

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In 2016 he begins to leave the orbit of Mediaset, debuting as an important character within an episode of ‘El Ministerio del Tiempo’. Also for TVE he works in ‘Traición’ and is the protagonist of ‘El final del camino’, and gets another leading role in Antena 3 with ‘Buscando el norte’.

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