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Nagore Robles has found the time to be honest with her followers and tell several family anecdotes that, far from being banal, contain a deep message full of feeling. A few days ago, Sandra Barneda’s partner visited her father on the beach at a difficult time for her due to her knee complications and a hectic period at work. To make matters worse, Nagore has not been able to practice sports as she usually does for these reasons and this has taken its toll on her emotionally. (Source: Europa Press/Instagram of Nagore Robles)

Will frigenti beat nagore robles’ record?

The Infanta Elena, an exceptional client at Gonzalo Montoya’s restaurantThe sister of King Juan Carlos has gone to eat at the business that the former contestant of ‘La isla de las tentaciones’ has in Madrid How well some people live with our money.

The first birth of a turtle on a Balearic beach is documentedA loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta) was born early this morning on the Menorcan beach of Sa Mesquida, becoming the first documented turtle to be born on a beach in the Balearic Islands.

Nagore robles – my childhood was not easy

I had already been warned three days before. The person in charge of the hall where I perform every night here in Torremolinos told me I was coming. You read that right, I perform every night, so that later absurd mamarrachas tell me that I don’t work. I would like to see them doing a live show every day for an hour and a half.

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I have loved my grandmother Trini and my great aunt Maruja so much, and I love them and I always have them present even though they are no longer there, because the third age is my weakness. For me it is something tremendously beautiful to make people like Maruja laugh.

Then came a courtship with the daughter of Barbara Rey, well profitable with an ACORRALADOS. Subsequently, and after leaving aside her usual friends, she sold us in an almost pornographic way all the intimacies of their relationship.

In Kiko Hernandez’s Blog and in Sálvame itself it was said that this girl was Ainhoa, his new girlfriend. My sources tell me that no, it is Sandra, a heterosexual friend. Nagore was also and look….

What better way to celebrate my tenth anniversary than finally releasing my long awaited CD, which has been made with the utmost care and pampering. All directed by Master Rafael Rabay. Who was going to tell me? Well, now I can say it, the same one who did to Marifé de Triana «Encrucijada» or «Muero por la copla», who directed so many times to Lola Flores, who has made records to Isabel Pantoja, Maria Jimenez, Gracia Montes and even to my beloved Alaska, in her Pegamoides period (one day I will tell you this in detail…).

Nagore robles

In Kiko Hernandez’s Blog and in Sálvame itself it was said that this girl was Ainhoa, his new girlfriend. My sources tell me that no, it is Sandra, a heterosexual friend. Nagore was also and look… But Nagore does not deny that this girl is not Ainhoa, she prefers to play to mislead and thus charge more for sitting in the Deluxe.

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When weddings are celebrated in this country men celebrate them apart from women. They cannot hire dancers because their religion forbids it. But they can hire dancers. That is why it is common to hire transvestite boys who do belly dancing. These transvestites raise passions among Afghans. To the point that since they cannot pay prostitutes, because it is forbidden for women to practice prostitution, many Afghans pay to have sex with these transvestites for whom they feel fascination.

Zabi was forced to marry and have two children. But he was gay and had a boyfriend. He was also one of the most famous and sought after transvestites to perform at the many Afghan weddings. Zabi performed at about five weddings a week.

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