¿cómo se llama la canción el último baile de cristina y meredith?

3:04cristina y meredith – baile de despedida (anatomía de grey)eudes santosyoutube – 18 mayo 2014

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The man is overcome with the situation of amputating his wife’s leg, so Owen decides to go down and do it himself even if it puts his life in danger. Cristina is devastated that Owen doesn’t understand that she doesn’t want to be a mother, so her biggest supporter is Meredith. The social worker begins to suspect that Meredith and Derek are not together. April doesn’t handle her job as chief resident well, so much so that the wrong patient is put into the O.R. because of her disorder. Meredith meets Owen and

Alex is really sorry for betraying Meredith and goes to Richard’s office to ask for her job back. Miranda calls Cristina, Alex, April and Jackson to take on a ‘gunther’ case. Meredith is alarmed when the rather upset social worker asks to speak to her and Derek about Zola’s future. And what’s the best idea that crosses Meredith’s mind? Taking Zola from the hospital nursery without Derek knowing.

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Cristina trying to inject epinephrine into the patient’s heart, injects it into Alex who was giving her a cardiac massage. While Jackson takes control of the situation, Cristina shocks Alex who had gone into cardiac arrest.

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Cristina Yang is a researcher, Medical Director, and Director of Cardiothoracic Surgery at the Klausman Institute for Medical Research, having trained at Seattle Grace Hospital, Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital and Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. She was engaged to Preston Burke, had a tumultuous relationship and marriage to Owen Hunt. She is also the person of Meredith Grey.

Cristina is a graduate of Smith College. She earned her Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of California at Berkeley, and earned her M.S. from Stanford University School of Medicine, where she graduated first in her class.

Eventually, Cristina dropped out of the program altogether. First, she and Torres threw a housewarming party. Derek warned her that Owen, Teddy and Meredith were planning an intervention and the two spent the party on the roof drinking and talking about the house renovation. Derek was constantly supportive of Cristina moving at her own pace. Meredith was convinced that Cristina would not be well until she returned to work. Derek, however, said that as long as Cristina was fine it didn’t matter if she rejoined the program. Even when Cristina briefly became a waitress at Joe’s and spent the night drinking and dancing like a party girl. Derek spent the night babysitting her until Owen came to take a very drunk Cristina home.

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3:05tegan and sara – where does the good go (on grey’s anatomy)kendra dandelionyoutube – 14 jun 2010

Betty continues to be confused. Sarabeth and Anna tell Betty that Vincent is dead. Lexie calms Michael down. Alex is upset with Bailey because Michael’s insurance expired and she didn’t want to rush him into surgery before 12.

Izzie tells Betty that Vincent is on his way to the hospital. Bailey tells Alex to fix the clock and delay it so Michael’s insurance will cover the surgery. Richard offers Owen a job. He declines. Owen kisses Cristina.

George prepares Duncan to go into the OR to see a simple surgery, but he gets the wrong room and Duncan sees Arnie’s surgery, who didn’t have his face on. George takes Duncan into the hallway and tells him he didn’t see anything. Duncan then looks at Hahn’s surgery.

Arizona asks Alex what his plans are with Izzie. Derek tries to keep his mother from talking about Meredith. Lexie, Ryan and Megan sit down to lunch with Mark. Mark confesses to Carolyn (Derek’s mom) that he is sleeping with Lexie.

Meredith tells Carolyn what kind of girl she really is. Before leaving with Lexie, Mark tells Callie to walk upright. Owen shows up at Cristina’s apartment drunk. Carolyn gives Derek her engagement ring.

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