Daniela blume y elettra

daniela blume tells us how aly’s victory made her feel.

It all started when the sexologist confessed to Aless Gibaja that she liked the exuberant Elettra. The Celestino or who is currently playing that role, got down to work and threw several hints to the Italian who in the end ended up confessing that Blume seemed to him «beautiful». The Italian did not believe it at first, and thought it was all a joke, but when she realized it was true, she blushed. After this reaction, Blume returned to the room and in front of several contestants gave her a kiss on the cheek and a warm hug.

daniela blume: «i need 5 years to be able to have something serious

However, for the announcer is not being easy to conquer the Italian. A few days ago we could also see the first cobra in Gran Hermano Vip. Something that completely upset the Catalan.

«I thought that in a week you would have already conquered me, that you would go faster with me,» the Italian said with Aly Eckmann as a witness. To which Daniela Blume replied, «how am I going to conquer you if you suddenly hit that screech, eh beautiful?».

«I’m charming and playful. I love games,» replied the heiress with laughter. «I don’t know what game you want to play,» the Italian asks her. «We can play whatever you want,» the Catalan clarified. The game ended with a breast rubbing from Elettra to Daniela Blume.

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how is the relationship of elettra and daniela blume after their passage?

Updated on January 16, 2017, 09:17 It hasn’t even taken a week for Cupid’s arrows to reach the Guadalix house. The first kiss of ‘GH VIP 5’ has already taken place and it has been between two of the most explosive contestants of this edition: Daniela Blume and Elettra Lamborghini.In fact, the attraction between them was practically instantaneous, since they had only been in the contest for two days when Elettra said of Daniela that «she is very beautiful» and Daniela, in turn, commented: «I like Elettra». After their mutual expressions of interest, the two girls began to fool around and move closer together… until the kiss came.Recommended article

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So many months talking about ‘Blumettra’ and now it seems the biggest «folder» of ‘GH VIP’ has been forgotten. Daniela and Elettra already enjoy life outside Guadalix but have they talked outside the house?

Despite this, the Italian has said that she has good memories of what the union ‘Blumettra’ meant: «I am happy and very grateful. The fans have been very intense, but I love that». But it seems that to the disgrace of her fans, the promise to stay out of the house has not been fulfilled: «We have not spoken since we have left there». What a shame!

The surprise came when Daniela confessed that she had been talking to Alyson and that both had exchanged hearts on social networks. Uri Sabat claimed that the American had not yet replied to her messages, but he assumed that her phone would be saturated after winning the contest. Are Aly and Blume the new fashionable tandem? Will we see them working together again?

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