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the momentous step from vaudeville to astrakhanada

Alaska: «The starting point for both of us was to make songs that robots could dance to. Then each one of us took them to his own terrain and that satisfies Nacho and me very much because it reflects very well what we are. Fangoria’s albums are always sprinkled with those singles that everybody knows, but they also have those songs that show our other side. If we were only one or the other we would be a bit lame, we wouldn’t be what we are».

Nacho Canut: «Olvido and I are Gemini and we couldn’t decide on a producer. Both Guille Milkyway and Jon Klein we wanted very much so we worked with both of them. But we tried to make sure that Guille Milkyway is not as Guille Milkyway as he usually is and that Jon Klein does disco music and more pop songs.»

On February 17, 2017 a re-release of the album is published under the title «Miscelánea de canciones para robótica avanzada», with Espectacular as the first single, produced by Guille Milkyway and Juan Sueiro.

This edition includes more unreleased tracks. El día a día de mi psicopatía and Qué quiere usted de mí, produced by Jon Klein. And Lo peor es lo mejor, produced with Stefan Oldsal. The unreleased repertoire is completed with a couple of surprises: Canciones que hablan sobre bailar and Disco Sally baila en una fiesta en el infierno.

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fangoria absolutely

Songs for romantic robots – Standard edition [2]No.ºTitleProducer(s)Duration1. «Disco Sally «Guille Milkyway3:422. «Geometría polisentimental «Guille Milkyway3:283. «Fiesta en el infierno «Guille Milkyway4:114. «Iluminados «Guille Milkyway4:385. «Manual de decoración para personas abandonadas «Guille Milkyway3:506. «Will to resist «Guille Milkyway4:267. «The marisabidilla, the scorpion and the one who takes away the illusion «Jon Klein4:268. «Nostalgia is a drug «Jon Klein4:419. «Folklore lies «Jon Klein4:3110. «Delusions of a carded android «Jon Klein4:0911. «The procession goes inside «Jon Klein3:3112. «Long live and prosper «Jon Klein4:2150:03

fangoria discography

Disco Sally – 3:42 2.Geometría polisentimental – 3:28 3.Fiesta en el infierno – 4:10 4.Iluminados – 4:38 5.Manual de decoración para personas abandonadas – 3:50 6.Voluntad de resistir – 4:26 7.La marisabidilla, el escorpión y la que quita la ilusión – 4:26 8. Nostalgia is a drug – 4:41 9.Folklore lies – 4:31 10.Delusions of a carded android – 4:09 11.The procession goes inside – 3:31 12.Long life and prosperity – 4:21 13.Synesthesia – itunes bonus track – 5:23

Without a doubt one of the best cds of Fangoria, I love all the songs but the best ones are without a doubt Fiesta en el Infierno, Delirios de un androide cardado, Geometria polisentimental and Iluminados.

It is Fangoria’s best album. I especially love Fiesta en el Infierno, Disco Sally, Mentiras de Folletín and La Marisabidilla el Escorpión and la que le quita la ilusión, but all the songs are great, without a doubt a rounded album. It is one of the best albums of Alaska y Nacho’s career. My Top 10 would be: 1) Deseo Carnal, 2) Canciones Para Robots Románticos, 3) Grandres Exitos (Pegamoides), 4) Cuatricromia, 5) No Es Pecado, 6) Arquitectura Efímera, 7) Naturaleza Muerta, 8) Absolutamente, 9

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miscellaneous songs for advanced robotics

Since Fangoria like their titles to be a bit bombastic, they could have called this album ‘Una de cal y otra de arena’. Because the first half of ‘Canciones para robots románticos’, produced by Guille Milkyway, is frankly good. But, after the initial enthusiasm, the second half, produced by Jon Klein, declines. It is in the first six songs where Alaska and Nacho give the best of themselves, thanks to the essential ally that Guille Milkyway has become, here more subtle, detailed and precise than in ‘Cuatricromía’. There is a perfect fusion of the two universes, that of Fangoria and that of La Casa Azul, which gives rise to a bunch of songs that rise above their possibilities and achieve what Pet Shop Boys do so well: balance danceable hedonism and melancholy.

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