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Send news by emailYour name *Your email *Your email *Belén Esteban wants to be the «princess of the people» again. In this case, Jesulín’s ex-girlfriend has set herself up as a Gay Pride standard by placing a flag with the colors of the rainbow on her naked body.

On Gay Pride -which will be celebrated on May 28th- Belén Esteban says: «Homosexuality is not a disease, it is a condition. I’m Catholic, but I’m modern and I’m also in favor of condoms,» she says.

belen esteban au natural, without retouches

The co-host of ‘ Salvamé ‘, appears in a report of 10 photographs along with an interview in which she talks about her life and her support for homosexuals. On the cover, the San Blas, appears naked wrapped in the gay flag with a serious pose and clearly retouched.

In the publication, Belén Esteban confesses the secret of her success and affirms that «I have so much pull because I am normal». Regarding being a gay muse, the co-host is totally in favor and assures that «gays have always loved me, I’m here for whatever they need».

After her divorce from Fran Alvarez, which many believe to be a set-up, she only talks about her ex-husband already knowing about her posing and that she answered «Nothing more than yes. I’m not going to say more, I don’t want to talk about him».

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However, beyond her posing or her statements, the comments on the social network have skyrocketed when a close-up photograph of the so-called ‘People’s Princess’ came to light in which the photo retouching is more than evident.

So much so, that beyond the obvious change in Belén Esteban’s skin, which appears smooth and without wrinkles or dark circles, the co-host of ‘Sálvame’ is missing an ear, specifically the left one, which has been erased when treating the image with Photoshop.

belén esteban returns to real life

On the cover of the magazine, Belén Esteban appears wrapped in a gay flag that reveals her naked body. There have been ten photos, plus the one on the cover, and twelve pages dedicated to the ‘spokesperson of the people’.

Belén is very clear about her sexual preferences. «I have never been with a woman. I have very clear ideas and I know I’m not into it, even though I haven’t tried it», this is how she reaffirms her sexual condition. With the security that characterizes her so much, the co-host of ‘Sálvame’ does not let herself be carried away by those who criticize her.

Belén Esteban is not going through her best moments after the breakup with her husband Fran Álvarez. Affected by what happened, she prefers not to talk about him. However, today she shouts from the rooftops that she supports gays and assures that she will never leave ‘Sálvame’.

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