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«The important thing is to give visibility to something as strong as sexual abuse of minors, to any kind of abuse. I think she was very generous and very brave telling something like that and I think it is also necessary to tell it on television,» said the visibly affected Basque presenter.

«I would like us not to judge because last night I saw many comments in networks and that the focus should not be put on the victim», insisted Robles, who believes that «an era has arrived in television in which the more honest we are with the people at home, the more we will all feel in community».

nagore robles: «sofia cristo is better and very beautiful».

«Sofia broke my heart in a thousand ways that I will not count because I still love her to this day,» confessed Nagore a few weeks after their breakup. Despite the obstacles, the TV collaborator managed to rebuild her life with TV presenter Sandra Barneda, with whom she maintains a beautiful and consolidated relationship.

The infidelities and addictions of Bárbara Rey’s daughter made Nagore suffer a lot, who currently maintains a beautiful and stable relationship with TV presenter Sandra Barneda. Sofia, for her part, has had several relationships, although Nagore undoubtedly marked her forever.

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In response to these words, Nagore laughed, and warned her ex that it will be «at 45» when her true love arrives. Faced with this, Sofia asked that, please, this happens before 40, so looking at the camera she made an appeal: «A woman or a man, I’m looking for a person».

comanche territory – sofia cristo, at her best.

«The beginning of the relationship was amazing. It was wonderful. I would say it was a kind of Disney relationship where we were very happy. It’s true that I was very much in love. I’d like to think that she was in love with me too. And if not, that’s okay,» she said. «I think that when we both met we were at a point where we were coming from having a bad time and it was like how beautiful what is happening to both of us,» she has continued explaining with a twinkle in her eyes. «That part was incredible. It is true that there was a lot of fun, we had a great time and joy. Then it is true that there are people who continue with the fun and others stop. Others can’t stop the fun. And that was the case with me,» he said.

«I was a little crazy in that fun. I also have to say that she had a lot of character and before leaving him, although I also did little things, she was very hard on me,» he continued. Carlos Sobera wanted to know at what point is their relationship now and if they are friends: «Well, honestly, now there is something very nice but we have not had that relationship again because some little things have happened that I don’t know and others that I can guess», he says.

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sofia cristo opens up in secret story about her hard-onset

«As a result of my ex-partner, Nagore, and I left him, that was the big decision to be able to get into recovery. It was the worst thing at the time that could happen to me, but the best thing in my life,» he began. One way to look on the bright side of a breakup.

«When we met, we were at a point where we were having a bad time and suddenly we found each other again and said ‘how can this be happening to both of us, how nice’. I remember it as… it was incredible. It is true that there was also a lot of fun and we had a great time. Joy. There are many times when there are people who keep on joking and others stop and others can’t stop joking. And it was my turn. I was very crazy and she had a very strong character and before leaving him, even though I did little things, she was very hard on me. The lack of information,» said Sofía about the time she shared with the host of Sobreviviré.

That ended, but «now something very nice has remained, but since my friend Pipi left, who was our link, Nagore and I have no longer had that friendship because some little things have happened between us, some of which I don’t know and others I can guess. But I will always keep in my heart a wonderful place for her because she made me very happy. But neither the good guy is so good nor the bad guy so bad. She has her things, but I will never say anything bad about Nagore, although I may think that, in some moments, I was not to blame for everything, but for me, she will always have a place in my heart».

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