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Open House Medical Center is your private clinic of reference in the field of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Both in our offices in Madrid and Valencia, and if you use our remote services, we offer our patients a human and close treatment in a non-medicalized environment, but maintaining the highest quality standards, taking care of all aspects, both physical and psychological, that may influence the patient when performing this type of tests. If you want to meet the people who make Open House possible, visit the HUMAN TEAM page.

With our medical team, you will have a fast, precise and expert solution to your problems. You will have advice before the tests are performed and clinical guidance after the results are obtained, administering treatment if necessary. Do not suffer with unnecessary waiting and doubts in such delicate issues as sexual health. Visit the following section for more information MEDICAL CONSULTATIONS of STIs

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BASIC CHECKS OF STD – SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES Basic clinical analysis of STIs and STDs, infections and sexually transmitted diseases in Madrid: Syphilis (VDRL), AIDS (HIV), hepatitis B, hepatitis C, Gonorrhea, … The diseases (STDs) and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are spread by sexual intercourse (genital, anal, oral …) between people of the same or different sex or acts related to them (use of objects and products). In Madrid, more than 80 pathogens (bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi…) capable of developing venereal disease are known. Therefore, the screening of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) performed by clinical analysis laboratories allows an early diagnosis of the infection in order to establish a timely treatment to prevent the development of the disease.     BASIC CHECKS STD – VENEREAL DISEASES IN MEN Above all:

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At Centro Clínico Betanzos 60 we are prepared for the diagnosis and treatment of genital infections and diseases (male and female), including all sexually transmitted infections and diseases. We have the necessary medical specialists for this: gynecologists, urologist, dermatologist, blood and urine tests, vaginal cultures, exudate or smear, HIV, syphilis, hepatitis…

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Sexually transmitted disease (STD) tests are quick and painless exams that allow you to diagnose and study possible sexual diseases. Through this test check if you have any of these 7 sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that could cause more serious health problems if not diagnosed in time. If positive results are detected, you can contact our medical advisors to receive with the utmost confidentiality your professional advice and treatment.

It is very important to have this STD test to rule out this type of sexual diseases that in most cases do not generate symptoms, but nevertheless, are highly infectious and can be transmitted to other people thus spreading the disease.

If you have experienced symptoms such as burning during urination, discharge from the urethra, blisters or sores on or near the genitals, or pain while having sex, you may be affected by one of the sexually transmitted diseases.

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En su cita en Madrid, será atendido por un médico cualificado que recogerá sus muestras. A continuación, se enviarán a nuestro laboratorio acreditado COFRAC para un análisis rápido y preciso. En cualquier momento podrá acceder a su área segura de paciente para consultar sus resultados. Además, tan pronto como estén listos, nos pondremos en contacto con usted personalmente a través de su preferencia de teléfono, correo electrónico o SMS. Todo depende de usted.

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Puede concertar una cita en Madrid hoy mismo poniéndose en contacto con nuestro equipo de reservas en el número anterior. También puede concertar una cita en línea utilizando el botón «Reservar ahora» situado en la parte superior de la página.

Un centro de salud donde tendrá una cita para ser atendido por un clínico que tomará todas las muestras necesarias y las enviará a nuestro laboratorio para un análisis rápido y preciso. Nuestro clínico puede responder a sus preguntas y tomar las muestras de hisopo que sean necesarias. Las citas suelen estar disponibles el mismo día o al día siguiente. Su cita es completamente confidencial.

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