¿quién es lara sajen fangoria?

Fangoria – who do you think i am? (official videoclip)

No, because it has just been confirmed that she will be one of the 12 contestants of the second edition of ‘Maestros de la costura’ -where she has made Raquel Sánchez Silva cry-. We talked to this «woman thrown forward», as she defines herself, about what she owes to Fangoria and how she faces the good foot with which she has entered 2019.

As a fire element, with a will to power and very noble, they need to feel the center of admiration of others, they have a great capacity for organization and very responsible if they need to extreme their feelings they can get to dramatize in extreme some situations. See more

Fangoria – mas es mas (video clip)

It is not the first time she has been on television, of course. The girl, born in Buenos Aires, was a love advisor in ‘Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa’, together with Nagore Robles. But the program that really made her famous was ‘Maestros de la Costura’, where she became a semifinalist.

Therefore, and recapping so far, Lara joins Antonio Canales, Silvia Pantoja, Alexia Rivas, Tom Brusse, Olga Moreno, the chef Carlos Alba and Marta López in the adventure to Cayos Cochinos… And we’re still on for bingo!

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Fangoria (alaska / nacho canut / lara sajen / topacio fresh)

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Lara sajen y tu de que vas? official video

The new edition of Supervivientes is getting closer and closer. The famous reality show of Telecinco will start in the coming weeks testing some of the television faces of the Mediaset family.

Thus, Lara will be heading to her adventure in Honduras in the coming days being one of the participants of this new edition that will begin as soon as La isla de las tentaciones on Telecinco ends.

You may know her face because you have seen her acting. Lara has participated in series such as La que se avecina, having episodic roles. In addition, she has also starred in films such as Daniel Guzman’s A cambio de Nada.

Supervivientes is not her first adventure in a TV contest, far from it! The dancer has participated in another of the programs of the moment: Maestros de la costura. Lara was part of the contestants in the second edition reaching the final.

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Lara has also been part of Mujeres y hombres y viceversa. The Argentinean collaborated in the famous Telecinco program as a consultant. In fact, she coincided with Nagore Robles. The artist tried to help the tronistas to find love, advising them as she thought best.

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