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It’s to freak out !. a wolf in sheep’s clothing , an Ode to the shameless hypocrisy of power.Hopefully the people realize the danger of Rivera i Cs , without any doubt, if they come to power they will make the PP good. – QcK (@Miramberch).

This time Rivera will have to answer in court, unlike the conflict with Monedero who insinuated that Rivera used drugs and they settled it out of court. In the meantime he will continue to wear the ribbon, the bracelet and the multicolored fan to make himself gay-friendly. The friends of the IBEX-35 do not love a rainbow but the purple of the 500 bills.

Approval of same-sex marriage spain – carmen montón 1

Exactly, in a section of the document that calls for «updating the Constitution to guarantee equality», Cs defends «shielding marriage between LGTBI people and including the right to non-discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation or condition».

In this sense, Cs will promote a new «Real Equality Law for the LGTBI collective to put an end to any discrimination based on sexual identity, orientation or condition». With concrete applications, such as facilitating «access to transitional housing for LGTBI people, especially young people, who are forced to leave home because of family rejection of their sexual orientation».

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Bring it on-line: – june 8, 2016

Albert Rivera wanted to clearly dissociate himself today from the PP and Vox in search of the liberal center vote. The candidate has starred in Albacete in an act of support for sexual diversity and gay, lesbian and transgender collectives. In the Casino Primitivo of the city, together with Pablo Sarrión, gay candidate of Cs, he wanted to mark a clear dividing line between liberals and conservatives.

The leader of Cs reiterated that he wants to be «the president of all families»: the traditional family, but also couples formed by gays and lesbians, single-parent families, divorced people with shared custody or parents through surrogacy.

I used to believe this lie about god

One of the points that the journalist touched on in her talk was the harsh criticism that Ciudadanos has received for including flags of the LGTBI movement in the demonstration. During his speech in Colón, Rivera was flanked by rainbow and trans flags, which stood out among the tide of European and red and yellow flags.

Many media have analyzed this gesture as a strategy to differentiate himself from the extreme right and to camouflage any affinity with the ultraconservative Vox; that is, they denounce that he has marked a full-fledged pinkwashing.

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