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antifranquistas: antonio gala (0:32), 1972.

Antonio Gala, aka the Turk, has forgotten that the Jewish people have always fought against the invader, examples: Maccabee brothers, Roman invasion 1st century A.D. that is why the Jewish people were dispersed and their land was labeled with salt.

Why don’t you and Zerolin take each other by the arm and go to Iran to preach that homosexuals should not be hanged? While you are at it, preach to them how bad the Islamic veil and burqa is for women -a symbol of submission to men-. Oh, I forgot, they give the ayatollahs, by the way, a lesson on that vaunted Alliance of Civilizations and offer them, with the approval of the cretinous ZP and his indocto Moratinos, a few million euros so that they begin to civilize.

How is it possible that Antonio Gala can NOT reach an intellectual clarity and with sufficient moral balance necessary to verify that the hardships suffered by the people of Palestine should not serve as an excuse to support the hardships suffered by the people of Israel.

antonio gala, locked up for homosexuality in full

Tomb of Al-Mu’tamid (on the left) in Agmat (Morocco). The mausoleum was built in 1970, as the tombs were in ruins until then. The site is known as the tomb of the stranger (qabr al-garib) because of the epitaph that the poet-king himself wrote, which begins: «Tomb of a stranger, may the evening and morning drizzle water you, for you have conquered the remains of Ibn ‘Abbad».

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Some recognized gay authors who began their literary work in the 1970s or 1980s are Álvaro Pombo, Vicente Molina Foix[43] (La comunión de los atletas),[40] or Leopoldo María Panero. Panero cultivated a modern style and was an example of a cursed poet, with a disorderly, scandalous and marginal life, with growing psychiatric problems that, from the 1980s onwards, led him to be confined to various psychiatric hospitals.

When Leopoldo published his second book, «Teoría» (1973), he was already a famous juvenile who mixed the best culture with germany. It was our time (until ’78) of boys and crazy virgins. Leopoldo was homosexual -and she liked hustlers, who once beat her because she couldn’t afford them- but she also went with girls. Leopoldo spent a few months in Zamora prison among the common prisoners for drug use.

rio de janeiro: carnival ends with gala gay ball

A. Gala: – I don’t think we should look for happiness, happiness, like love, can be found, but it is not sought. (…) You have to keep your hands open. But that rain has to fall from outside and it is foreign.

Julia: – Antonio Gala, I think he said that he wanted to get into the skin of a man, to return to the man’s point of view. After so many points of view and so many women’s skins, did you say to yourself while you were doing it «Ehy, finally at home?»

A. Gala: – Yes, but nevertheless people think that I had a lot of work, and no. I felt very well, very comfortable doing a novel with a long plot, long to focus, to choose the type of language I wanted to use, to see how I could dazzle and blind the reader at the same time to prepare him for the big appearance and the big surprise. That was difficult, but the relationship has been very easy, and I have found myself with a man who is also capable of great sacrifices, who is also capable, almost like a woman’s soul, of giving himself completely, and of waiting for that wonderful and incomparable golden shower of love.

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to an unknown god by jaime chávarri (trailer

A straight man when talking about homosexuality never knows how to start the conversation without upsetting this often marginalized group. Others hypocritically claim to admit and respect people’s sexual orientation, they do it for the sake of the gallery, in reality most of them repudiate them as if they were stinkers avoiding at all times to be in their environment, they treat them in a very superficial way resembling the time in which they live, individualistic and pragmatic, calling them gay (gay in English) a refined way to hide their hypocrisy.

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