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12 celebrities who are the same as others Katy Perry, Javier Bardem, Natalie Portman, Robert Redford and Tania Llasera are some of the celebrities who share facial features with others of the same profession.

Manel Fuentes takes over from Jaime Cantizano at the helm of Cadena Dial’s «alarm clock» The presenter of programs such as «Tu cara no me suena todavía» will take the helm of the second most listened to music radio show

The rivalry between Antena 3 and Telecinco leaves the «princess of the people» without a husband A testimony in the first channel of a lover of Fran, Belén Esteban’s husband, has raised blisters in the life of the Telecinco collaborator, who has been left without a husband.

Raquel Mosquera and Tony Anikpe face each other tonight The set of «DEC» is going to live a very unique moment tonight. Jaime Cantizano’s program will witness the reunion of one of the most controversial couples.

The Rivera clan has always been in the eye of the storm. Since Paqurri conquered the most important places (and the hearts of thousands of women), and became a myth, the controversy has always been a source of controversy.

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TopicsJaime CantizanoJaime Cantizano (‘Atrápame si puedes Celebrity’): «Acabo con la mandíbula desencajada de tanto reír «El duque de Feria o los concursantes de ‘La Isla de las Tentaciones’, los famosos desconectan en Ibiza’Pasapalabra’: por qué Christian Gálvez no fue al especial de Antena 3 por su vigésimo aniversarioJaime Cantizano imágenes y videos

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The Rivera clan has always been in the eye of the hurricane. Since Paqurri conquered the most important places (and the hearts of thousands of women), and became a myth, the controversy has been a constant source of controversy.

DEC, the Friday night entertainment show on Antena 3, hosted by Jaime Cantizano, has a new addition to its ranks. To the program’s usual team of collaborators

Since her first steps in the world of the heart, many people baptized Ana Obregón as Anita la fantástica because of the imagination she put into everything she told. The nickname came to her when she spoke

The Supreme Court is studying the actions of the president of the Constitutional Court, María Emilia Casas, who talked to a lawyer about the way to present an appeal to a court concerning

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Jaime Cantizano, our favorite presenter after José Luis Moreno and Ramón García, has just spent a vacation in Ibiza with a very good-looking friend, which has fueled suspicions of his gayness, his homosexuality. Let’s say that he likes black pudding more than Asturians like fabada.

He often gives the sensation of being heterosexual and others that he is not.lately his way of being and how he is dressed gives the impression of being macho, I would like it to be so, because you would be a waste of nature, although I have nothing against gays.

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The fashion report is inspired by the most violent cinema of directors like Quentin Tarantino or David Fincher and the dark atmosphere of recent hit series like ‘Dexter’. In the photos, Cantizano breaks away from his usual unpolluted look and plays typical ‘psychothriller’ antiheroes.

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Photographer Paco Peregrín has captured the most morbid side of Cantizano, who does not hesitate to pose next to the presumed corpse of a woman wrapped in plastic or carrying an alleged abused woman in a wheelchair, tied with plastic and duct tape.

‘Shangay’, the most widely distributed gay magazine, had been several months behind interviewing the famous presenter, but until now he had given them the slip. Cantizano is a man very jealous of his privacy and his appearances, as long as they are not on the set of Antena 3, are counted on the fingers of one hand.

Cantizano avoids pronouncing on his sexual orientation, despite the fact that his alleged homosexuality has raised all kinds of rumors: «People can talk about the TV presenter as they do about the neighbor on the fifth floor. They say unbelievable things about me… Just think, in fact, that I was even invited to a wedding [with Sevilla footballer Javi Navarro]… and there were people who even claimed to have been there…».

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