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poveda: «homosexuality is in everything»- al rincón

Bertín Osborne either doesn’t know or doesn’t want to know. The truth is that the presenter, singer and businessman has gotten into more than one garden because of his homophobic comments, which he attributes to «humor» and «freedom of expression». But the truth is that last night he put his foot in his mouth again. In this case with the singer Miguel Poveda.

Poveda attended as a guest at the meeting held by Bertín with the leader of Ciudadanos, Albert Rivera. The singer, who is a friend of the Catalan politician, did not personally know the presenter of Mi casa es la tuya. And it seems that Osborne’s documentation service either didn’t work very well or it got stuck in the businessman’s brain.

It was time for the kitchen, when Poveda arrived. In his usual friendly and chatty tone, Bertín first reminded him of his great resemblance to the ERC deputy, Gabriel Rufian. Poveda’s forced smile with a hackneyed joke that does not seem to make him too much fun (and less considering his personal friendship with Rivera).

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During the broadcast, the singer has opened up more than ever to tell certain aspects of his personal life. In this way, the artist has opened his heart and talked about his son Angel, whom he had through surrogacy and with whom he spent the confinement.

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«It has been a hard but precious experience, because we have created an indestructible and magical bond. You don’t know what it has been like to survive! The confinement has allowed me to get to know my son better,» she confessed a few months ago to Lecturas magazine.

«He works in Córdoba. We see each other on weekends and we have created a very nice family. My son adores him and that’s the most important thing for me,» she told the program. And the flamenco singer could not be more in love and proud of the couple he has.

«Ángel, my son, can’t conceive of sleeping without me. On the other hand, my partner is very tall and moves a lot. We go to bed together and, when he senses that we are asleep, he gets up and leaves. He is very generous with me and my son.

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-Of course. It has its tragic part, its joyful and festive part, its melancholic part? It captures all the feelings of the human being. In dance there is sensuality and sexuality, of course. There is desire and passion.

-My father, who was a sensitive, discreet, humble and respectful man. He was a man of few words, although he spoke with his eyes. Now that I don’t have him, I remember him well. When I’m lost I think about what he would do and what path he would take. In the musical world I would tell you Manolo Caracol and Enrique Morente, for example, that he was a free man committed to poetry and traditional singing.

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las cosas del querer (manuel bandera) te lo juro yo.

It could be, but now it’s more complicated: «Not right now, because I’m already in love. This time it has been a slower falling in love and I like it more», recognizes with grace the singer, who is not afraid to say out loud that he is in love.3This is how he lived his previous relationships.

Miguel Poveda acknowledges having been too visceral in his previous relationships. He gave his all, but when it didn’t work out, he also fell into despair. This is how he explained it: «Before, I used to throw myself like a madman, without measure or net. At the beginning I used to bang my head against the wall because I was so happy, and after three months I would bang my head against the wall because I was a wreck. I forgot about self-esteem. «2 What has changed with his current partner

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