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She is clear about CBD: «it is a part of the plant that does not have the psychotropic part, that is to say, it does not get high and has the part that is most reviled and that helps you, because it has a number of millenary benefits, if I am not mistaken, that little by little are being investigated» stresses the writer.

Sastre also points out that she has recently discovered a very curious new use: «I believe that there are pains, mainly women, that we take for granted, that we assume as our own, because we have always suffered them, as is the case of menstruation». In addition, CBD has also greatly improved her partner’s atopic skin: «he was trying many creams before going to sleep, but none of them worked well, and then one day I told him why not try a little of the oil with the cream, put it together and give it to him… in a matter of one night he noticed it a lot and his skin improved a lot».

She concludes by declaring herself a fan of everything natural, since as a diabetic she uses medication every day that saves her life: «I keep the door wide open to everything natural that helps me to feel better, I prefer it to be as natural as possible».


«Man, I think that women already have an important role in all kinds of change. I think we have something in our DNA, maybe it comes from a place that is not so nice, which is the need to always be surpassing ourselves and creating to be heard. Either you are groundbreaking or it is very complicated, either you innovate in something or you are not going to be heard, because there is probably already a man there who rules and governs, and it is complicated to make a place for yourself there.

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It should be noted that during the Middle Ages these professions and work related to phytotherapy or herbalism had negative religious connotations, even involving imprisonment, torture and even the death of women. (7)

In our article on 5 women in the history of Cannabis we reviewed how, from the Ebers Papyrus to Brownie Mary, women have had a very close relationship with the accessibility, regulation and therapeutic benefits of Cannabis throughout history.

Today we are still proud that both in the scientific, communication and organizational aspects of this sector is led by women. If you want to know them better we invite you to read our blog: Badass Women of Cannabis 2020.

poesía de amor lésbico

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Por el momento, este tema no es tan popular como otros. La Ley de la Atracción tiene mucha energía, lo que la convierte en la canción perfecta para entrenar. Sin embargo, es posible que no te dé una fuerte vibración de baile. Por lo tanto, puede que no sea algo que quieras tocar en un concurso de baile.

La Ley de la Atracción tiene un tempo de 149 BPM. Dado que esta pista tiene un tempo de 149, las marcas de tempo de esta canción serían Allegro (rápido, veloz y brillante). Basándonos en el tempo, esta canción podría ser una buena canción para tocar mientras haces footing o vas en bicicleta. En general, creemos que esta canción tiene un tempo rápido.

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La tonalidad de La Ley de la Atracción es Re Mayor. En otras palabras, para los DJs que emparejan canciones armónicamente, la clave de Camelot para esta canción es 10B. Por lo tanto, la concordancia perfecta de Camelot para 10B sería 10B u 11A. Mientras que el 11B puede dar un impulso de energía bajo. Para un impulso de energía moderado, usarías 7B y un impulso de energía alto puede ser 12B o 5B. Sin embargo, si quieres una baja energía, debes buscar canciones con una clave de camelot de 10A o 9B te dará una baja energía, 1B sería una moderada, y 8B o 3B sería una alta energía. Por último, el 7A te permite cambiar el estado de ánimo.

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